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Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a man to invite another man out just for coffee or to go out for a meal, in case it’s perceived as a date. Like it’s fine if you wanna go to the pub and drink beer and have a chat but make it non-alcoholic and suddenly you’re not straight anymore? You can go to the cinema together but ONLY if it’s an action movie. You guys can’t even just go shopping with each other. Oh masculinity, so fragile, so strange. 


There just wasn’t enough time to say goodbye :(

characters: hiccup and astrid HTTYD2





puppy farts - Imgur

I’ve been laughing at this for about the past five minutes.

holy shit

The video this is from is even better because there’s like five minutes of video of these dogs and then at the very end this happens and you hear a little “Frrt” and the dog makes that face and it just



Horor/Creepy/Strange Jewelry. 

Some of these can be found at Etsy. Here’s a link.

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The Codex Gigas

Also known as the Devils Bible, the Codex is the largest manuscript in the world, written in the 13th century in Latin, it is 1 meter in length, 165 lbs, and takes two people to lift. It currently resides in the National Library of Stockholm.

The Legend of It’s Creation

  • According to myth, the Codex was written by a monk who was sentences to death for breaking his vows. He made a pact with the Devil to write it in one night, with the Devils help, in order to prove to his monastery that he was worthy.
  • Besides this myth, nothing is known about the books creator.

The Content

  • Half of the Codex is simply just a translation of the Old Testament and the New Testament.
  • The two are separated by a copy of Josephus’ two histories of the Jews (antiquities of the jews) as well as De Bello Iudaico’s Encyclopedic Etymologae.
  •  It also contains eight medical writings by Hippocrates and other important figures of the time 
  • The Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas of Prague also takes up a large portion of the book.
  • Smaller texts include texts on exorcisms, magic formulas, a picture of the Heavenly City, and a full page depiction of the Devil (both pictured above).
  • The last fourteen pages are a Calender

Odd Facts about the Codex

  • After being studied over and over, it’s practically perfect, without any typo’s despite being hand-written.
  • Based on the handwriting, the book was written by one person.
  • According to experts, even with strict devotion and every day writing, the Codex would have taken 25-30 years to finish.
  • Despite this, the handwriting virtually doesn’t change from front to finish, almost like it was written in one day.
  • The ink, made from insects, also virtually doesn’t change throughout the book despite the fact it should have (as bugs change from season to season and year to year, and ink doesn’t stay)
  • In the picture of the City of Heaven, no people can be seen in the city.
  • The pages surrounding the Portrait of the Devil are darker than the other pages of the book.
  • Leaders of the catholic church admit to having no record of both the spells and the exorcisms listed in the book.

The Curse of the Codex

  • According to legend, sorrow and tragedy befalls people who have owned the Codex in the past.
  • Myths of previous owners include a monastery that contracted one of the worst cases of the bubonic plague after receiving the book, and the castle where the book was being held burning down, the book being thrown out a window in order to be saved from the flames.
  • However, nothing has happened to the library it is currently being held.

If you want to know more, a documentary about the book called The Devils Bible, is on Netflix!

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It occurred on December 7th of 1946 and is known as one of the deadliest hotel fires in the United States. Over 119 hotel occupants including hotel owners, perished in the fire. Located in downtown Atlanta, Georgia the hotel was ironically advertised as absolutely fireproof. 

All hotel occupants above the 3rd floor were trapped. Most were rescued from upper story windows or jumped into nets held by firemen. The fire was notable for the number of victims who jumped to their death. 

This hotel is now known as Ellis Hotel. 

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So my dad has deer cameras installed near his hunting spot and it doesn’t move, but this was the only pic to have this. Ignore the deer derping, theres a mutherfuckin ghost being dragged to hell behind it.


Vintage Covers of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein


Published in 1882. A different take from what we’re used to seeing.


1932 illustration by Nino Carbe, a Walt Disney artist


Lion’s collectable 1953. 


1963 from Airmont classics


Signet Classics 1965 edition


Fantasy illustrator Boris Vallejo brings Frankenstein into the 1990s.


Another cover brought in the 1990’s. He is portrayed as more human than monster. 



sinkingshipsgonowhere said: You are perfection. I also want to go into the field of science (Forensic Pathology) and currently at the age of 15 when people ask me what I want to do they balk at my career choice. My parents and even teachers do this to me and often make some sexist/rude comment about how a pretty girl like me would want to spend all day in a lab. Do you have any tips to over come this? I love you by the way. Not only for horror but for the science side of your blog as well.


There are people still like that in this world? 

Ignore them and laugh in their faces as you sashay down to the lab and do as much science as you please 



In high school I took a lot of social science classes. It was interesting, but all the politics and the roaring debates in classroom was a major turn off. Don’t get me wrong. I recognize it’s important. But to me, it was a whirling pool of anger and resentment.

That’s not the major reason I chose to be a science major, but it’s a contributing factor. I thought science was all factual information. People in lab coats striving to better understand our world. To me that was beautiful and I wanted to be a part of it. Burning people at stake for a different viewpoint was centuries ago… right? 

Wrong. Science is just as susceptible to that “whirlpool of anger and resentment” as anything else. Even if something has been proven with impeccable data and results, it does not guarantee acceptance with open arms.

Take Dr.Bruce Lipton for example. We now take epigenetics seriously. But in the 1990’s when the topic was first introduced, scientists blew up into hysterics at the thought of the concept. This is why Dr.Lipton left the academia for good in 1992, because although his experiments supported his views, he felt his message was falling onto deaf ears.

An interesting book, I’m reading called The Mind (edited by John Brockman) also highlights an example. When Darwin came back from his voyage, he displayed his Galapagos finches and reptiles, the crucial evidence of evolution. John Gould who was a great ornithologist at the time and knew a lot about birds, corrected some of Darwin’s information and gave him more crucial information in support of evolution. 

But Gould himself still remained a creationist and didn’t stand for evolution. As the book says "the man who knew more saw less and the man who knew less saw more"

I learned that great things take time. Facts and statistics don’t persuade people. Some are forever imprisoned by their own beliefs.

Here is a great article on how some people respond to scientific evidence by twisting information to fit their preexisting views (LINK)

Ofcourse science is a ever changing field and I’m sure by the time I’m 40, science textbooks will be revised and edited many times over. But many new concepts are heavily ridiculed and then gradually accepted generations later. 

"A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it."

-Max Planck

I aspire to be you.


The Urididae is a type of moth and it’s cocoon is a bright orange color, that sometimes looks golden. The cocoon is usually suspended on a long thread below a leaf. 

The net structure of the cocoon allows for more airflow over the pupa. This prevent fungus and mold from being able to grow on it.


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The Mokin are a group in Thailand that are nomadic and have a sea-based culture. 

In the sea there is less light, so usually one’s iris will dilate. But the Mokin have an adaption where instead of dilating, they constrict as much as possible. 

This allows them to see with much better clarity. Recent studies suggest that any child can quickly learn this trick. It exemplifies how well our brain adapts to our environment. 


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